Why Limo Bits

LIMO is a revolutionary bits system, produced with a special thermoplastic elastomer. The masterpiece has and hexagonal shape, with large side washers which prevent pinching of the bite on the labial commissures and prevent air ingestion.


Our Bits

We produce them in two different hardness ( 65 shore and 80 shore ).

The side supports are unique in the market. They are the first in the world made from CNC machined aluminum, together with the best Swedish steel as well.

The idea is to use the ‘softest’ bit you can for the job, and increase severity only if and when required. Some horses that become strong, can be switched to a stronger bit for a period of time, then return to being ridden in a softer bit once again. Advances in bitting research and technology shows us that many of these traditional bits do cause issues in the equine mouth and this can be avoided with the right bit.

We all want our horses to be comfortable, Your horse’s mouth is just as important as his face, back or legs. Don’t buy bits too cheaply, because they are cheap for a reason!

We want to keep them simple “Expect less from the bit and more from yourself “ changing our horses’ equipment is not going to change his ability overnight. Listen to what your horse tells you and do your best to find a bit that works for him — and you.

If you focus more on comfort than the end result, then you won’t go far wrong.

Bits can only provide a platform from where clear aids are given, they cannot teach our horse the aids — that is down to you and is something that will happen naturally as you refine your riding

We do believe in teamwork, we believe in empathy with your horse, but this take time and work.

It’s time to look after your horse mouth now!


A Better Experience

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